Meet with our friendly advisors for a no-obligation consultation. This meeting will establish the relationship between the advisor and the client. You will also learn about the services we provide.


This is the most important part of our process. We actively listen to you to understand your goals, needs and concerns about your finances. You will be asked to gather your personal data and financial information. This conversation becomes the foundation of our relationship.


We will analyse the information that we gathered and prepare recommendations based on your current situation, budget, net worth, time horizon and risk tolerance. We will build a holistic plan for that will allow you to achieve your goals and protect you from financial pitfalls. This plan will be reviewed with you and we can make revisions based on any concerns that you might have.


When you are ready to implement the plan, we will walk you through the process and application stages and assist you in making the necessary actions steps as efficiently as possible.


Our commitment to you is not over once plan is implemented. It is important to have review meetings with our advisors to ensure that you are staying on track to achieve your goals. We will contact you regularly for review meetings and recommend any needed adjustments to your plan as time or circumstance progress.