Group Benefits

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We have the expertise!

  • We understand benefit plans and have years of experience with plans of all sizes.
  • We are very well connected. We have existing contracts with virtually every insurance company, and have contacts with other consulting firms and Third-Party Providers (TPA’s).
  • We keep up-to-date with industry trends, new products and services, as well as any legislative changes.
  • You can have confidence with our guidance, advice and service.

Our Services

as your Benefits Broker

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Consultant services, and Independent brokerage services

We can help with all aspects of benefit plans

  • Plan design and marketing
  • Cost containment
  • Plan implementation
  • Administrative support
  • Employee education/meetings
  • Claims resolution
  • Plan reporting
  • Renewal rate analysis
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We can assist with…

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Fully Insured plans

Fully Insured plans have traditionally been the most popular type of plan since all risk and liability is assumed by an insurance company.

Retention or Refund Accounting

These plans are usually fully insured, and premiums are based on the policyholder’s past claims experience. The policyholder “owns” the surplus or deficit at the end of the policy year, unlike a fully insured plan.

ASO plans (Administrative Services Only contracts)

A Healthcare Spending Account is a pre-determined amount of money provided to employees at the beginning of each benefit year for coverage of their medical and dental expenses.

Claims are submitted by employees and reimbursed in a similar fashion to a conventional benefits plan. Eligible expenses are paid at 100% up to the total dollar amount available in the HCSA. A Healthcare Spending Account can replace or exist alongside conventional medical and dental coverage.

Your Benefits Partner
  • Our “team” and back office support assures you of outstanding service for all of your Benefit Plan issues.
  • We are always available to answer any questions and to provide ongoing support.
  • Your plan administrator and your employees can have confidence that your benefit plan will run smoothly.
  • We are also firmly committed to providing the best rates possible.
  • We want to ensure your complete satisfaction.

Our Service Guarantee

  • 1 All information will be considered Private and Confidential.
  • 2 We will prepare a detailed Renewal Report.
  • 3 We will regularly prepare market surveys.
  • 4 We’ll answer your questions promptly.
  • 5 We will assist with any billing issues, and get them resolved.
  • 6 We will help expedite claims.
  • 7 If appropriate, we can provide employee education sessions so your employees will know more about the benefits available, as well as provide information about online tools.
  • 8 We’ll keep you updated of any legislative changes.
  • 9 We’ll also keep your plan administrator up-to-date with helpful tips and information regarding the administration of your plan.

We’re confident that we can reduce your benefit plan costs.

Call or email us today and we’ll share with you 3 immediate things you can do to reduce your benefit plans costs