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Our Financial Plans and Quadrus Investment Services are here to serve our clients and friends during the COVID-19 Pandemic. We understand that these are challenging and uncertain times for all of us, and we will be here for you. 

We are prepared to help you remotely so you can feel confident today

  • We are working remotely and no longer see clients face-to-face,  but we continue to answer our calls and emails. 
  • We are conducting client reviews by phone and web-conference. 
  • There has been no interruption in our business thanks to the technology we have invested in. 
  • If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to reach out to us. 

Read our full response here.

FREE 15 Minute Consultation

You are probably worried about your finances and your insurance during this crisis and may also have questions about how to proceed once it is over. 

We are offering a free 15 minute checkup to anyone who would like us to discuss their finances.

Simply book a meeting, call us on the phone or send us an email, and let our expertise help alleviate your anxiety.

You do not need to be an existing client.

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Try OUR 12 Square Challenge

People are more concerned than ever about their financial readiness for the future. To help, we've prepared a simple quiz that you can do from home to evaluate your own coverage.

Here's what the 12 Square Challenge can do for you:

  • Measure where you stand across the important aspects of protection, wealth, and retirement
  • Ensure that you have a correct understanding of the government, employment and personal benefits that you qualify for
  • Help you stay disciplined when it comes to your investments and avoid decisions made in panic
  • Discover strategies such as the benefits of consolidation, dollar cost averaging, buy and hold, cash wedge and retirement income strategies that can reduce your risk and can provide long term guarantees