our financial plans covid response

COVID-19 Response

By OFP Team | April 7, 2020

Our Financial Plans and Quadrus Investment Services are here to serve our clients during the COVID-19 Pandemic. We understand that these are challenging and...

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mortgage insurance

The Pitfalls of Mortgage Insurance

By OFP Team | October 31, 2019

For everyone that owns a mortgage, Our Financial Plans recommends that they consider replacing the lender’s mortgage insurance with personal insurance. Follow the link...

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ohip ends

OHIP ends Out of Country Travelers program

By OFP Team | October 29, 2019

With the announced cancellation of OHIP Out of Country Coverage, the need for Ontario residents to purchase their own travel emergency insurance has become...

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2019 TFSA Contribution Levels Increase

By OFP Team | December 19, 2018

Our Financial Plans have many leading options for TFSA accounts. With the increased limits for 2019, this is an excellent opportunity to add to...

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