Our Financial Plans is proud of our ability to offer clients a wide range of solutions, from some of Canada’s largest insurance and investment firms.

We don’t have to answer to a Head Office telling us what to sell, or providing us with a sales target that we have to achieve.

We don’t try to convince anyone to buy something they don’t need.

Yes we are in the sales business since we have to make a profit. And yes we do make recommendations.

But we’ve learned that sales occur when we satisfy our clients needs. We also know that continued sales occur because we are providing excellent service.

It’s that focus we have on our clients which we believe to be our greatest strength.

Mission Statement

 To be a leader in the financial services industry through expertise, advice, and outstanding service to our clients.

Vision Statement

Our Financial plans will provide our clients with unbiased financial advice that will help them achieve their individual goals. They can count on our firm for confidentiality, regulatory compliance, complete documentation, continued service and review.


Kevin Lamour

Co-Founder & Financial Advisor

Kevin has 21 years experience in developing successful financial plans for his clients, and has been building his own, independent planning practice since 2004. He is guided by his business philosophy that financial products should only be recommended to resolve opportunities discovered in the planning process. In 2018, Kevin, along with his partner Wayne, founded Our Financial Plans to better specialize in producing independent, non-biased & client-first solutions for his personal and corporate clientele. Along with his family, he also enjoys training and teaching in the local martial arts scene, and is a member of the Canadian Legion Marching Band.

Wayne Sandvik

Co-Founder & Financial Advisor

Wayne has over 30 years experience as a financial planner and group benefits specialist. He is a strong believer in proper insurance planning since his father passed away from a heart attack at the age of 52. In 1999, Wayne was instrumental in opening one of Northern Ontario’s largest and most successful financial services brokerage. Wayne saw the opportunity to take his practice to the next level in 2018 and, along with his colleague Kevin, started Our Financial Plans – a truly independent brokerage that caters to both personal and corporate clients. Wayne is an avid hockey fan and is an advocate for cardiac care in Sault Ste. Marie. He volunteers as a Patient & Family Advisor at the Sault Area Hospital.