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Independent financial advisors

As independent Advisors, our clients can expect unbiased financial advice to help them reach their goals with their priorities in mind. Our clients can count on documentation and service that will meet their expectations.

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How it works

A roadmap to your success

Financial success means different things to different people. Someone in their 20’s or 30’s will certainly have different ideas about success than someone In their 50’s and 60’s.

We also know that sometimes life can bring us some twists and turns along the way. It’s for that reason we like to provide our clients different options. Because if there is one thing we can all agree on, financial success also brings peace-of-mind.

Our Financial Plans is proud of our ability to offer clients a wide range of solutions, from some of Canada’s largest insurance and investment firms.

We don’t have to answer to a Head Office telling us what to sell, or providing us with a sales target that we have to achieve.

We don’t try to convince anyone to buy something they don’t need.

Yes we are in the sales business since we have to make a profit. And yes we do make recommendations.

But we’ve learned that sales occur when we satisfy our clients needs. We also know that continued sales occur because we are providing excellent service.

It’s that focus we have on our clients which we believe to be our greatest strength.

Our mission is very clear

To provide unbiased, accurate advice and guidance so people can reach their financial goals.

To offer a wide range of custom solutions from some of Canada’s largest insurance and investment firms

What do people think of us?

"Purchasing Insurance policies is one thing but understanding what I purchased is more important"

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank you, and your staff, for the hours of assistance provided to ensure the process was made as simple as possible"

"Service like this is priceless and not easily found in today’s world"

Founding partners

Wayne Sandvik

Financial Advisor

Wayne began selling insurance and retirement plans almost 30 years ago. This career choice seemed natural as his family lost their dad at a young age. Beginning with kitchen-table planning with clients, much of his work now is with business owners and professionals with group benefit and pension plans. He also works with advanced personal retirement and estate plans.

Wayne has been active in the community as a hockey and baseball coach and has been a long-term blood donor. He’s volunteered with the Sault Area Hospital, and also works with the HeartLife Foundation, the Heart & Stroke Association, and the University Health Network.

An avid reader, movie and music fan and now gardener, he’s a hockey fan in the winter and a golfer in the summer. Wayne is married to Gina and they have 2 adult children, Rob and Julia.

Kevin Lamour

Financial Advisor

Kevin has 23 years experience in developing successful financial plans for his clients, and building his independent planning practice since 2004.

In 2018, Kevin, along with his partner Wayne, founded Our Financial Plans to better specialize in producing client-first solutions and non-biased recommendations for his personal and corporate clientele.

Along with his family, he also enjoys training and teaching at a local martial arts school, and is a member of the Royal Canadian Legion and plays in the Marching Band.